January 18
b - Fall 2017 Newsletter
Reading Goals

Reading Goals: “Bigger Books, Bigger Reading Muscles”

Readers understand that words are separated by spaces in print. (one-to-one matching)

Readers recognize common high frequency words by sight. (e.g. the, is)

Readers read texts with purpose and understanding.

Readers get themselves ready to read just-right books.

Reading Benchmarks

Writing Goals: “Writing for Readers”

Writers create true stories using pictures and words telling who, where, and what.

Writers are able to read their own writing.


Math Goals: “Chapter 5 – Addition: Representing,relating, and operating on whole numbers, initially with sets of objects”.

“Use expression to represent addition within 5.”

“Solve problems by using the strategy act it out.”

“Use objects and drawings to solve addition word problems within 5.”

“Use a drawing to find 10 from a given number and record the equation.”

“Decompose numbers 5 – 10 into pairs in more than one way and record each decomposition with an equation”.



Curriculum 17-18


Balanced Literacy Math
Word Work Calendar Study
Handwriting Cooperative Group Work
Phonics Hands-on Manipulatives
Shared Reading Open-endedProblem Solving
Read-Alouds “Go Math” Program
Independent Reading  
Interactive Writing  
Reading Workshop  
Guided Reading  
Writing Workshop  

Social Studies

“Let’s Find Out/Weekly Reader” newspaper, videos, non-fiction literature. We will cover holidays, map skills, safety, transportation, family, school, and neighborhood environments, multiculturalism and citizenship.


We will use newspapers, videos, and non-fiction literature. We will cover plants, animals, weather, seasons, and insects.

Skills taught: Observing, classifying, sorting, measuring, comparing, and drawing conclusions.