contact us

Karin Kelly, Principal
Kerstin Kobetitsch, Assistant Principal
Laura Hui, Parent Coordinator
District 28, Queens
Mabel Muni-Sarduy, Superintendent
School Contact
Phone: 718 897 7006
Fax: 718 897 7254
Parents Association
Bobby Valiente, PA President


when to call
  When it is an emergency, please call the main office. Do not email.
  Generally, handwritten notes to the classroom teacher are best for everyday questions,
Classroom teachers check /ask students for notes every morning. This step also teaches the child the responsiblity of delivering the note/mesage.
  A handwritten note is the best means of communication for a----
-- change in pick up at dismissal of time or different authorized person.
-- change in busing routine.
---absence - child is sick/absent -- a note is needed for records as to dates and reason for absence.
  General questions that are not time sensitive.
Email is not checked regularly by all staff. day-to-day.